Dr. Brazelton Mentioned in Columbia Magazine’s Spring Issue

Dr. Brazelton is mentioned in the cover story of the Spring 2015 issue of Columbia University’s Columbia Magazine entitled “The Hippocratic Overture.”

“One of the great pediatricians of our time, T. Berry Brazelton [’43PS], stumbled onto this idea of questioning expertise. It took him a long time to understand that while we have expertise, we are not the expert on a baby. The mother is. The father is. In time, the child grows up and becomes an expert on herself,” says Stephen Nicholas in Columbia Magazine’s  Spring 2015 cover story, “The Hippocratic Overture: Students at Columbia’s College of Physicians and Surgeons are getting ready to practice. Will it make them better doctors?”

Promising Evidence that Early Head Start Can Prevent Child Maltreatment

Brazelton Touchpoints Center staff Catherine Ayoub, Jessica Dym Bartlett, and Adam Von Ende have co-authored a study and research-to-practice brief (with Rachel Chazan-Cohen and Beth Green) offering promising evidence that participation in Early Head Start can prevent child maltreatment. This study is the first examination of the impact of Early Head Start on child maltreatment.

From the Summary of Findings:

“This study used data from a subset of programs that were involved in an evaluation of Early Head Start. It found that about one in six children eligible for Early Head Start in this sample had either a substantiated report of child maltreatment or an out-of-home placement due to child maltreatment (a “child-welfare encounter”) by the time they were 13 years of age. However, children in Early Head Start had significantly fewer child welfare encounters between the ages of five and nine years than did children in the control group. Early Head Start children were also less likely to have multiple encounters and had a longer time before subsequent encounters. Additionally, compared to children in the control group, children in Early Head Start were less likely to have a substantiated report of physical or sexual abuse, but more likely to have a substantiated report of neglect. There was some evidence (a non-significant statistical trend) that Early Head Start children had fewer total child welfare encounters. These findings suggest that Early Head Start may be effective in reducing child maltreatment among low-income children, in particular, physical and sexual abuse. These findings have been published in peer reviewed literature.”

The Brazelton Touchpoints Center has delivered professional development, early child care and education training, and technical assistance to more than 175 child care centers and family child care programs and to more than 160 Head Start/Early Head Start centers or programs (including home-based programs) in 40 states and 15 tribal sovereign nations.  In 2010, the Office of Head Start National Center on Parent, Family, and Community Engagement was established at the Brazelton Touchpoints Center.

Additional information and resources.

Brazelton Touchpoints Partners with The Raising of America documentary series

We are pleased to partner with the forthcoming documentary series, The Raising of America: Early Childhood and the Future of Our Nation.

“Most hard-working American families do everything they can for their children’s sake. Yet more and more are finding that no matter how hard they try, they just can’t provide for their children’s basic needs, putting our nation’s future in jeopardy,” says Joshua Sparrow, MD. “Raising America shines a light on these families’ everyday heroism, the hope and potential that live inside every child, and the practical steps that we all can take to get our country back on the road to progress before it’s too late.”

To learn more about the series, how to host or find a screening in your community, and how to take action, visit http://www.raisingofamerica.org.


Joshua Sparrow, MD, talks about Baby College on NPR – Boosting Education for Babies and their Parents

The Harlem Children’s Zone is a nonprofit known for its innovative, multifaceted approach to ending the cycle to poverty. One of the Harlem Children’s Zone programs is The Baby College, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this spring. The Baby College, a program for expectant parents and those with kids up to the age of three, teaches subjects such as baby-proofing, nutrition, brain development and communication skills.

Joshua Sparrow, MD, director of the Brazelton Touchpoints Center, and the famed pediatrician T. Berry Brazelton, MD, helped create the Baby College curriculum.

“When parents don’t feel isolated, when they don’t feel alone, and they feel like they’ve got the support from others in their community, they’re much more likely to be able to be warm and responsive and sensitive in their interactions with their children,” he says.

Read more and listen to the story on NPR’s website.

JUST ADDED! Family Connections Training Program: A Systemic Mental Health Consultation and Professional Development Model

The Brazelton Touchpoints Center is offering a two-day training program on May 29-30, 2015 as a resource for mental health practitioners, educational and  family service worker supervisors, directors, program managers and others working with young children and their families to implement Family Connections and Touchpoints into practice in community settings.

Family Connections provides an evidence-based, system-wide model for mental health consultation and professional development specifically focused on supporting providers, promoting mental health in young children, and working with families facing depression and other adversities. It was developed with the support of the US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Head Start Innovation and Improvement Grant to Boston Children’s Hospital.

For more information, visit our calendar!

CANCELED — This week: Bringing PPD into the Light: Decreasing stigma, supporting families, and implementing policy change in Massachusetts


Mothers and committed leaders from across the state are gathering in Boston at the Massachusetts State House to raise awareness about the very critical issue of postpartum depression (PPD). Brazelton Touchpoints, the Newborn Behavioral Observations (NBO), and Family Connections will be represented by Jayne Singer, PhD, at Bringing PPD into the Light: Decreasing stigma, supporting families, and implementing policy change in Massachusetts on Wednesday, February 11, 2015.
The February 11 event will take place from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm in the Great Hall of the Massachusetts State House, located at 24 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 01233. Learn more about the program and featured speakers.

Brain, Child Magazine: Touchpoints Among Top Ten Books for Parenting Children with Disabilities

Touchpoints Birth to Three: Your Child’s Emotional and Behavioral Development by T. Berry Brazelton , MD, and Joshua Sparrow, MD was included in Brain, Child magazine’s list of the top ten books for parents of children with disabilities, included in the magazine’s February 2015 issue.   The article’s author notes that Touchpoints “reminds us that each child is an individual and not just a symptom, disorder, or disease.”

Guess who’s almost 20?

We are! The Brazelton Touchpoints Center was founded in 1996 by T. Berry Brazelton and colleagues, to partner with families of young children and the communities and systems of care that surround them, so that all children will be healthy, succeed as early learners, and have the opportunity to thrive.

Planning for our 20th anniversary year of celebration is underway, and we are counting on your participation. We want you to be among the first to preview what’s next.

As we approach our 20th anniversary in 2016, we reflect upon our beginning work with early adopters of Brazelton Touchpoints in California, Illinois, South Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin, and the continued growth and impact of our practice and approach. Over the past two decades, we have developed a range of professional and organizational development programs, provided training, technical assistance, and consultation to 50,000 individual child-serving practitioners in our learning network across the country, and have extended the reach of our work through the Office of Head Start National Center on Parent, Family and Community Engagement at the Brazelton Touchpoints Center.

We are excited about our future and look forward to making our professional development offerings and convenings more robust, more accessible, and more affordable, as we consider options for the future that meet the needs of our growing learning network – that means you!

In order to do this, we are postponing the 2015 Brazelton Touchpoints National Forum. However, there will continue to be a range of professional development opportunities in the meantime.

You can always find a calendar of offerings on our website. The Brazelton Learning Network membership program offers a way for staying connected with a nationwide network of providers who share your commitment to delivering services that build upon child and family strengths, and continues your access to what’s new, the latest research, and a range of professional development opportunities that are either free with your membership or available for a nominal fee. You can sign up online today.

Thank you for being a part of our work with children and families. Stay tuned for more about the various ways (big and small!) you can be involved in our 20th anniversary…


Webinar: The New Congress and Federal Funding of Needed Services

From our friends at Every Child Matters:

The New Congress and Federal Funding for Needed Services: What You Need to Know
A Webinar: Register Now

On January 22, hear from national experts Joel Friedman and Ellen Nissenbaum of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities about how and when Congress will take up its new round of critical budget decisions (hint: it’s soon!). The new Congress has a majority that favors cuts to Medicaid, SNAP/Food Stamps, and many other programs, threatening services low-income people need. Support will increase for massive tax cuts favoring the wealthy and corporations, too.

This webinar will help you understand what’s at risk and what strategies can protect vital programs. You’ll also learn about do-able steps you can take to protect services from Deborah Weinstein of the Coalition on Human Needs. The moderator is Steve Savner of the Center for Community Change. There will be time for questions, and follow-up materials will be provided to all registrants.

The New Congress and Federal Funding for Needed Services:
What You Need to Know
Thursday, January 22
1:00p.m. – 2:15p.m. ET (10:00 a.m. PT)

Register Now: https://chn.peachnewmedia.com/store/seminar/seminar.php?seminar=33869

Joel Friedman
Vice President for Federal Fiscal Policy, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Ellen Nissenbaum
Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Deborah Weinstein
Executive Director, Coalition on Human Needs

Steve Savner
Director of Public Policy, Center for Community Change

To register and for more information about the speakers:
Questions or issues registering? E-mail Joanna Sandager at jsandager@chn.org.

Watch Live Stream on Thursday, November 13! The Future of Evidence: Learning What Works and Why in Social Policy

November 13, 2014
9:00 AM – 4:30 PM (ET)

Join a live stream on Thursday, November 13 for a Symposium on the Future of Evidence, hosted by Frank Farrow, Lisbeth Schorr, Joshua Sparrow and the Friends of Evidence at the Center for the Study of Social Policy. The event will explore how reform efforts in health, education, social services and community change can become both more accountable and more effective. The deliberations will examine how the growing complexity of social problems and their solutions will require new approaches to generating, analyzing and applying evidence to improve critical societal outcomes and to assure the wise allocation of scarce resources.


Alice Rivlin, Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution; Former Director, Office of Management and Budget
Tony Bryk, President, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Hilary Pennington, Vice President, Ford Foundation
Angela Glover Blackwell, Founder and CEO, PolicyLink
Patrick McCarthy, President, Annie E. Casey Foundation

Preview the Symposium Agenda.

For more information, download the paper: An Evidence Framework to Improve Results

Presented by the Friends of Evidence at the Center for the Study of Social Policy: Susan Bales, Anthony Bryk, Deborah Daro, Frank Farrow, Lawrence Green, John Kania, Nat Kendall-Taylor, Patti Patrizi, Charles Payne, Lisbeth Schorr, Joshua Sparrow

Watch via live stream here.