Full Staff Listing

Kim Alleyne, MCP, Director, National Center on Parent, Family & Community Engagement
Catherine C. Ayoub, RN, EdD, Director of Research & Evaluation
Brandi Black Thacker, Director of Training & Technical Assistance, NCPFCE
Anne Brady, PhD, EdM, Project Director, Research & Evaluation
Kristie Brandt, CNM, DNP, Visiting Faculty
T. Berry Brazelton, MD, Founder
Lisa Desrochers, Project Director, Special Initiatives & National Trainer
Alexandra DiGuiseppe, MA, Program Coordinator, Family Connections/Touchpoints Initiative
Allison Duarte, Sr. Administrative Associate
Jessica Dym Bartlett, Project Director of Special Initiatives, Research & Evaluation
Maureen Gomes, Administrative Associate
Joelfré L. Grant, M.A.T., Project Director, Tribal Touchpoints Initiative
Juan Carlos Hincapie, Research Administrator
Constance H. Keefer, MD, Faculty
Jenna Kole, Research Assistant, Research & Evaluation
Sheena Lee, Project Coordinator, Tribal Touchpoints Initiative
Rucha Londhe, PhD, Project Director, Research & Evaluation
Terry Ann Lunt, MPA, Executive Director
Jordan Manchester, MA, Research Study Coordinator, Research & Evaluation
Mindy May, MS, Director, Partnership and Professional Development
Ceni Myles, Project Director, Tribal Touchpoints Initiative
Mai Nguyen, Training Coordinator
Suzanne Otcasek, Executive Assistant to T. Berry Brazelton, MD
Eric Regalbuto, Research Assistant, Research & Evaluation
Guylaine Richard, MD, MPH, Program Manager, Training & Technical Assistance, NCPFCE
Brittany Ryan, Research Coordinator, Research & Evaluation
Alisa Serraton-Cazeau, Office Manager
Jayne Singer, PhD, Faculty
Debra Sosin, LICSW, Project Director, Family Connections
Joshua D. Sparrow, MD, Director, Brazelton Touchpoints Center
Ann Coleman Stadtler, DNP, RN, CPNP, Director, Site Development & Training
Tisha Stima, Program Manager, Communications & Resource Development
Allison Taylor, Program Coordinator, Communications, Outreach & Events
Tuan John Thai, Program Coordinator, Data Management & Integration
Elisa Vele-Tabaddor, PhD, Project Director, Research & Evaluation
Adam Von Ende, MA, Research Coordinator
Robin Walker, Grants and Contracts Administrator, National Center on Parent, Family & Community Engagement
Marlies Zammuto, Project Director for Site Development & Training & National Trainer


Adjunct Touchpoints Trainers:

Nancy Deacon, DO, FAAP
Debra Sosin, LICSW
Sheri Smith

Hope Adame
Rob Goslin
Larry Gray, MD
Claudia Quigg, MEd
Sue Heisler

Marcela Clark, MS
Jackie Muniz, MS
Dewana Thompson, PhD

Kriss Rivera, MSN, RN, IBCLC
Wendy Watson, MSW


For a list of NBO and NBAS trainers in the United States and abroad, please visit the Brazelton Institute.