Touchpoints Early Care and Education Training Program

The Brazelton Touchpoints in Early Care and Education Initiative offers a two-day professional development opportunity designed to prepare professionals in the field of early child care and education to incorporate the Brazelton Touchpoints approach into their shared care-giving with parents within the early childhood setting.


The Touchpoints Early Care and Education Training Program will:

  • Present the Touchpoints theoretical framework. The focus will be the Touchpoints Developmental and Relational Frameworks, particularly the elements of parent-child-provider relationships in the first six years of a child’s life.
  • Illustrate particular Touchpoints practices through presentations, videotaped encounters, parent quotes, case vignettes and interactive exercises.
  • Discuss how the Touchpoints approach can be used to benefit the child, the parents and the educator (e.g., how early childhood educators can use the Touchpoints approach to help parents deepen their understanding of a child’s behavior and establish a more successful system of relationships for all involved).

Touchpoints in Early Care and Education represents a paradigm shift away from the idea of a child attending childcare, and towards the goal of child care providers joining and supporting every family’s system of care around their child. The Touchpoints approach assists in the creation of these shared care giving partnerships.


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The seminar is $500/person and attendance is limited to 25 participants.

For more information, contact or 857-218-4451

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