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Amazed and Grateful

by Joshua Sparrow, MD, Executive Director Brazelton Touchpoints Center

Although some of us are more exposed and less protected than others, we all are impacted by the climate emergency already upon us, the pandemic’s lingering effects, and intensifying racism, homophobia, economic inequity, threats to democracy, and global conflict. Despite all this, we are buoyed by each other and our work.

I am amazed and grateful for the shared commitment to the vision that keeps us all going, and for the astonishing generativity of everyone – at the Brazelton Touchpoints Center (BTC), in communities and sovereign Tribal nations across the United States and the globe, and among the tens of thousands of caregivers, parents, and providers who welcome us into their lives to learn from one another.

To showcase our collective generativity, we’re proud to share our 2021-2022 Annual Report with you, which as you’ll see in its pages, illustrates the many ways we come together to sustain each other.

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