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Join the Brazelton Touchpoints Center Learning Network (BTCLN) as a Touchpoints Training Site.

Touchpoints Training Sites are programs, organizations, or systems of care that develop the capacity to deliver Touchpoints training and mentoring to providers in their own communities. These sites work to:

  • Support their goals in delivering effective services to families
  • Develop a common language and framework for engaging children, families, and communities of care
  • Enhance providers’ child and family engagement skills by providing Touchpoints training
  • Create seamless systems of care where families become more competent and confident in their own abilities to parent their child

Touchpoints Training Sites are members of the BTCLN, a national and international learning community of individuals, programs, organizations, and systems of care actively training and mentoring providers in the Touchpoints Approach. The BTCLN currently includes roughly 70 Training Site Members across the country and around the world. Touchpoints links them to each other as a universal language for supporting family and child development.

Steps to Becoming a Touchpoints Training Site 

BTC builds capacity with a partnering organization through a process that includes strategic planning and development of a training team (minimum of 3 people). BTC authorizes a Training Site to deliver Touchpoints training to providers in their community as agreed upon by the site and BTC. BTC partners with local agencies to build training teams using its Train the Trainer model. Partnership involves the following steps:

1. Goal Setting

BTC listens to your organization’s shareholders and examines with you the data you already have to identify the goals, interests, and challenges of your organization’s providers, and the children and families with whom they work. Through this process, we surface strengths that can be built upon, gaps in knowledge and skills that professional development can bridge, and the real-world situations that impact implementation of professional practices that effectively and authentically support family and child well-being, 

2. Development of Rollout Plan

BTC partners with your organization’s leadership and implementation team to determine:

  • Infrastructure you will need to support implementation of the Touchpoints Approach
  • Partners and individuals who need to be engaged
  • Composition of your training team
  • Initial group of providers in your agency who will be trained 
  • Sequence and timelines for implementation of training

BTC provides consultation to your training and implementation team as your rollout plan is developed. A key component of the rollout plan is identification of the training team (minimum of 3 members). BTC provides selection criteria and consultation on team member selection. Rollout plans are designed to meet the unique needs and strengths of your organization.

3. Delivery of Train the Trainer Program for Touchpoints: The How of Child and Family Engagement 

Your training team members will participate in the Touchpoints Train the Trainer program, which includes:

  • 32 hours of professional development with ongoing mentorship focused on deepening content knowledge and enhancing facilitation skills 
  • One year of training team coaching and technical assistance with other new training teams by BTC faculty through hourly teleconference calls

A BTC Site Mentor provides support during the preparation for and the delivery of your first Touchpoints Training Program by your team (occurs within 3-6 months after the Train the Trainer program). Your BTC Site Mentor will be present with your team as they deliver their first training to observe, process the training with the team, and provide feedback. Our training team support also includes the first year of membership in the BTCLN for ongoing mentorship, implementation support, professional development, and an online learning community for all training teams.

4. Membership in the BTC Learning Network as a Touchpoints Training Site Member 

The BTCLN provides the following benefits:

  • Ongoing Mentoring Support: Touchpoints Training Sites are assigned a BTC Site Mentor who is their primary contact at BTC and checks in with the site at least semi-annually. Site Mentors listen and learn from sites with the goal of supporting their implementation of Touchpoints. The Site Mentor can serve as a sounding board, thought partner, advisor, and a resource for sites as they implement Touchpoints.
  • Site Strategic Planning and Implementation Support: Sites provide annual implementation data to BTC. The Site Mentor reviews and discusses this data with the training team to support effective implementation.  
  • Facilitator Certification Maintenance: Touchpoints training team members are required to complete 3 clock hours annually of professional development to deepen their knowledge and hone facilitation skills related to Touchpoints training. This professional development is provided online by BTC.
  • Access to the BTCLN Community: The learning community provides opportunities for connections to happen at multiple levels, including site-site mentor; site-site; site-entire site network; facilitator-facilitator. Networking opportunities are offered in multiple ways, including online discussions, course discussions, network messaging, and webinars.

BTCLN membership is required and must be renewed annually for a site to have continued authorization to deliver Touchpoints training.

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