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Our greatest resource is our staff.

At Boston Children’s Hospital, the world’s families come to us for answers. At the Brazelton Touchpoints Center (BTC), we are deeply committed to reflecting the spectrum of their cultures, while opening doors of opportunity for everyone on our team. Join us, work with purpose each and every day, and bring your energy and creativity to help early childhood professionals and community institutions support young children and their families.

We offer competitive compensation and unmatched benefits, including generous paid time off, 403(b) retirement savings plan, pension, tuition reimbursement and more.

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Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Access Statement

At BTC, we are dedicated to creating a lasting community in which equity, diversity, inclusion, belonging, and access thrive. We engage in reflective practices to enhance equitable processes and outcomes, and to reduce bias — including our own. At BTC, we come alongside and learn with the infants, children, families, and communities that we have the honor of working with. While we still have much work to do, we see the path to racial equity and justice as a journey — one that we have wholeheartedly embarked on. BTC is committed to creating equitable and inclusive learning and growth opportunities through collaborative, strengths-based, culturally-affirming approaches within our own organization and in our partnerships with all others. ​ ​

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Babies and children, families and communities do the research on what it takes for them to flourish. Listen with us to what they’ve been learning. Watch a webinar. Check out the Indigenous Early Learning Collaborative. Join the Brazelton Touchpoints Center Learning Network. Join the conversation.

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