Our greatest resource is our staff.

We look for individuals who wish to bring their energy and creativity to helping early childhood professionals and community institutions support young children and their families. You’re someone who is excited by the prospect of being part of a team that believes that the health and prosperity of a community can best be measured by its commitment to create a nurturing environment in which all children have the opportunity to thrive and grow up to be adults who can cope with adversity, strengthen their communities, constructively participate in civic life and nurture the next generation to be prepared to do the same.

We’re seeking outstanding candidates for the current employment openings listed below. Click on each for a full position description.

NCPFCE Senior Administrative Associate 

Project Director, Research and Evaluation

Senior Project Director, Research and Evaluation 

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Early Childhood Translational and Applied Research

Research Coordinator, Research and Evaluation

NCPFCE Senior TTA Specialist

NCPFCE Manager of Family and Community Engagement Resources