Touchpoints in Public Health

We also examined the impact of Touchpoints (TP) training on Department of Public Health regulators consulting to early care providers. 

In this evaluation, regulators consisted of 3 types of enforcement professionals in the Department of Public Health who monitor family child care and center-based providers.  

  1. Early Childhood Consultants – provide technical assistance and oversight for license renewal to early care and education programs, including Early Head Start.
  2. Public Health Sanitarians – review and enforce health & safety features of early childhood programs.
  3. Registrars – initiate and manage paperwork required for program license application and renewal process, and resource and referral.

This study found that regulators participating in Touchpoints training show:

  • Improved relations and strength-based practice with early care and education providers
  • Encourages positive attitudes about ECE providers
  • Improved knowledge of child development as it relates to periods of risk for disruption in familial and developmental functioning  Retain such knowledge 3 months post training.

Regulators commented that Touchpoints was particularly useful for:

  • Problem-solving with providers
  • Observation and collaboration with regard to challenging children in care
  • Understanding the unique challenges and stresses experienced by ECE providers during developmental disorganization
  • Supporting provider-family relationships.