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Faculty, staff, and National Facilitators at the Brazelton Touchpoints Center represent a multi-disciplinary team of change agents, early child development educators, psychologists, pediatricians, pediatric nurse practitioners, and other early child development and behavior experts, professional development trainers, project directors, program evaluators, statisticians, community engagement professionals, and more. Similarly, our Touchpoints Training sites hail from 33 states and over 100 communities, from urban to rural, and everything in between.

Courtney Lincoln, PhD


PhD, University of Connecticut, Human Development & Family Studies

MA, University of Connecticut, Human Development & Family Studies

BS, Worcester State College, Psychology


Dr. Lincoln joined BTC as a Project Director in 2020, collaborating with local and national partners to support best practice in service delivery for young children and their families. She values community-based research and emphasizing the strengths of community partners. Dr. Lincoln has experience in direct service provision, working closely with children and families, and all aspects of research and evaluation, from design to dissemination.

Dr. Lincoln’s education and research has focused on child development in context, recognizing the impact of environmental factors in early childhood, from parents, families, and the early education setting, to healthcare systems and policy. She has a passion for developing strengths in families and communities and helping to provide a supportive and compassionate early childhood setting that allows each child to thrive.

Areas of Interest:

Parenting interventions – implementation and evaluation
Social emotional learning in early childhood
Parenting a child with a chronic health condition
Emotion regulation in the context of developmental transition
Strength-based intervention and research design

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