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Faculty, staff, and National Facilitators at the Brazelton Touchpoints Center represent a multi-disciplinary team of change agents, early child development educators, psychologists, pediatricians, pediatric nurse practitioners, and other early child development and behavior experts, professional development trainers, project directors, program evaluators, statisticians, community engagement professionals, and more. Similarly, our Touchpoints Training sites hail from 33 states and over 100 communities, from urban to rural, and everything in between.

Jayne Singer, PhD, IECMH-E®

Director of Developmental and Relational Health; Director of Clinical Training; Harvard Medical School, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry; Senior Attending Psychologist, Boston Children's Hospital


Team: Mental Health, Professional Development


BA, Psychology and Fine Arts, State University of New York, College at Purchase
PhD, Clinical Psychology, Child and Family Specialization, St. John’s University
AAIMH-Credentialed as an Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Clinical Mentor in providing Culturally Sensitive Relationships-Based Care (IECMH-E®)


Jayne Singer, PhD, IECMH-E®, is a clinical psychologist with over 40 years of experience in hospital, school, and community-based settings. At Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH), she provides evaluation and treatment for families and children aged birth throughout childhood with medical, developmental, emotional, behavioral, and familial challenges including trauma. She is Past President of the Massachusetts Association for Infant Mental Health. At BCH, she co-launched an early detection of autism program and the Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Program. She is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and an International Facilitator of the Brazelton Touchpoints Approach and the Newborn Behavioral Observations (NBO) system.

At BTC, Jayne spearheaded the Early Care and Education Initiative as an adaptation of the Touchpoints Approach to infuse preventive social-emotional health into early education. This developed into the Tribal Touchpoints Initiative as well as the Office of Head Start National Center on Parent, Family, and Community Engagement. She also created adaptations of the Touchpoints Approach for families living with children with developmental challenges and for families living in the context of substance use disorder recovery, as well as for mental health practitioners. She is the primary author of the Touchpoints in Early Care and Education Reference Guide and the Touchpoints in Reflective Practice guides for practitioners and mentors.

Areas of Interest:

Family engagement and support
Infant and early childhood mental health/Early relational health
Neurodevelopmental evaluation and treatment
Pediatric psychology
Trauma prevention and treatment

Selected Publications:

Singer, JM, et al. Development is a Journey Family Conversation Roadmap and Implementation Guide (pediatric, home visiting, and early education versions). Brazelton Touchpoints Center and Centers for Disease Control websites. 2021.

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