Lisa Desrochers

Project Director, Special Initiatives & National Trainer

Phone: 857-218-4356
Fax: 617-730-0060

Lisa Desrochers is an early childhood educator with extensive experience working in child care and preschool environments. She has been working at the Brazelton Touchpoints Center since 2001 when she joined the staff as the project coordinator for New York City initiatives, most notably the Harlem Childrens Zone and Care Plus, a Medicaid managed care organization.

Prior to her work at the Brazelton Touchpoints Center, Lisa was a preschool teacher at the University of New Hampshire’s Child Study and Development Center, a school that serves young children, from infancy through kindergarten, and also functions as an academic training facility for pre-service teachers. During that time she presented widely on the use of documentation as a professional tool to enhance reflective practice and to improve teaching. In collaboration with UNH colleagues, she presented the unique story of a changing school culture brought about by new teaching practices and increased collaborative partnerships among children, parents and teachers.

Most recently, while on leave from BTC, Lisa spent a number of months volunteering and working at the Rift Valley Children’s Village, a home for orphaned children in Tanzania. Through frequent volunteer and outreach efforts on behalf of the Children’s Village, she continues to live her passion for working with vulnerable children in an international setting.


  • MEd University of New Hampshire, 2002, with Distinction,
  • BA University of New Hampshire, 1993
  • NOLS Outdoor Leadership School, Fall 1991

Areas of Special Interest and Expertise

  • Blending the elements of Touchpoints and her experience in early childhood settings, Lisa offers expertise in the areas of children’s play and learning, especially in the preschool years.
  • Working with vulnerable children in international settings


Selected Contributions to Publications

  • Family Connections Family Connections Materials: A Comprehensive Approach in Dealing with Parental Depression and Related Adversities, 2007
  • Touchpoints Video Encounters Trainer’s Guide: A Companion Guide to the Touchpoints Encounters with T. Berry Brazelton, MD, 2006.
  • Moran, M.J., Desrochers, L., and Cavicchi, N. Progettazione and Documentation as Sociocultural Activities: Changing Communities of Practice. Theory into Practice. Volume 46, No. 1, Winter 2007.