Full Staff Listing

Michael R. Accardi, Director of Resource Development
Kim Alleyne, MCP, Director, Community Partnerships
Catherine C. Ayoub, RN, EdD, Director, Research & Evaluation
Kristie Brandt, CNM, DNP, Visiting Faculty
Eurnestine Brown, PhD, Director of Relational Equity and Belonging
Katherine Buttitta, MA, Data Analyst, Research & Evaluation
Lisa Desrochers, Project Director, Special Initiatives, & National Trainer
Allison Duarte, Operations Assistant
Ashley Gaddis, MA, Director of Communications
McMillan Gaither, Project Coordinator, Research & Evaluation
Dan Glidden, Financial Reporting Manager
Joelfré L. Grant, MAT, Assistant Director, Partnership and Professional Development
Katie Kao, PhD, Project Director, Research & Evaluation
Constance H. Keefer, MD, Faculty
Courtney Lincoln, PhD, Project Director, Research & Evaluation
Jordan Manchester, MA, Manager, Research Operations
Mindy May, MS, Director, Partnership and Professional Development
Shela Merchant Jooma, Director of Business Development Operations
Christina Mondi-Rago, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Research & Evaluation
Kim Netter, Managing Director
Mai Nguyen-Kim, Training Coordinator
Suzanne Otcasek, Executive Assistant to Joshua Sparrow, MD
Joanne Roberts, Assistant Director of Research, Research & Evaluation
Emma Rosenbaum, Research Coordinator, Research & Evaluation
Mindy Rosengarten, Research Coordinator, Research & Evaluation
Lindsey Sagasta, MS, Research Coordinator, Research & Evaluation
Alisa Serraton-Cazeau, Operations Manager
Jayne Singer, PhD, Faculty, Director of Developmental and Relational Health
Joshua D. Sparrow, MD, Executive Director
Debra Sosin, LICSW, Program Manager, Family Connections
Autumn StrausbaughProgram Coordinator, Business & Network Development
M. Dewana Thompson, PhD, Director, Touchpoints National Facilitator Team
Elisa Vele-Tabaddor, PhD, Assistant Director, Research & Evaluation
Kyla Williams, Research Assistant, Research & Evaluation
Nina Zumpalova, Communications Coordinator


Touchpoints National Facilitator Team:

Sheri Smith
Aditi Subramaniam
Anat Weisenfruend

Sue Heisler
Claudia Quigg

Aziele Jenson
Eva Rivera
Heidi Roibal
Tleena Ives
Wendy Watson

Jackie Adames
Marcela Clark
Natalia Coletti
Tyona McGee-Ezielo


For a list of NBO and NBAS trainers in the United States and abroad, please visit the Brazelton Institute.