Full Staff Listing

Michael R. Accardi, Director of Resource Development
Kim Alleyne, MCP, Director, Community Partnerships
Catherine C. Ayoub, RN, EdD, Director, Research & Evaluation
Kristie Brandt, CNM, DNP, Visiting Faculty
Eurnestine Brown, PhD, Director of Relational Equity and Belonging
Katherine Buttitta, MA, Data Analyst, Research & Evaluation
Lisa Desrochers, Project Director, Special Initiatives, & National Trainer
Allison Duarte, Operations Assistant
Ashley Gaddis, Director of Communications
McMillan Gaither, Project Coordinator
Dan Glidden, Financial Reporting Manager
Joelfré L. Grant, MAT, Assistant Director, Partnership and Professional Development
Katie Kao, PhD, Project Director, Research & Evaluation
Constance H. Keefer, MD, Faculty
Courtney Lincoln, PhD, Project Director, Research & Evaluation
Jordan Manchester, MA, Manager, Research Operations
Mindy May, MS, Director, Partnership and Professional Development
Shela Merchant Jooma, Director of Business Development Operations
Christina Mondi-Rago, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Research & Evaluation
Kim Netter, Managing Director
Mai Nguyen-Kim, Training Coordinator
Suzanne Otcasek, Executive Assistant to Joshua Sparrow, MD
Joanne Roberts, Assistant Director of Research, Research & Evaluation
Emma Rosenbaum, Research Coordinator, Research & Evaluation
Mindy Rosengarten, Research Coordinator, Research & Evaluation
Lindsey Sagasta, MSEd, Research Coordinator, Research & Evaluation
Kayla Savelli, Communications & Development Associate
Alisa Serraton-Cazeau, Operations Manager
Jayne Singer, PhD, Faculty
Joshua D. Sparrow, MD, Executive Director
Debra Sosin, LICSW, Program Manager, Family Connections
Autumn StrausbaughProgram Coordinator, Business & Network Development
M. Dewana Thompson, PhD, Program Manager, Professional and Resource Development
Elisa Vele-Tabaddor, PhD, Assistant Director, Research & Evaluation
Nina Zumpalova, Communications Coordinator


Touchpoints National Facilitation Team:

Sheri Smith
Aditi Subramaniam
Anat Weisenfruend

Sue Heisler
Claudia Quigg

Aziele Jenson
Eva Rivera
Heidi Roibal
Tleena Ives
Wendy Watson

Jackie Adames
Marcela Clark
Natalia Coletti
Tyona McGee-Ezielo


For a list of NBO and NBAS trainers in the United States and abroad, please visit the Brazelton Institute.