Brazelton Touchpoints Center and Horizons for Homeless Children Partner to Promote Healthy Child and Family Development


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February 6, 2019

The Brazelton Touchpoints Center (BTC), a non-profit organization focused on ensuring that every child will be healthy, succeed as early learners and have the opportunity to thrive, is pleased to welcome Horizons for Homeless Children (Horizons) to the BTC Site Network, a national learning community of organizations, practitioners, and systems of care actively using the Touchpoints Approach in their family engagement strategies.

Horizons for Homeless Children improves the lives of young homeless children and their families through high quality early education, comprehensive family support services, opportunities for play, and advocacy work.  In delivering these services, Horizons reaches more than 2,000 young homeless children each week in Massachusetts through three early education centers and more than 120 shelter-based Playspaces.

The experience of homelessness is a traumatic one, particularly for young children experiencing family homelessness.  Through its work with homeless children and families, Horizons has learned firsthand how important an understanding of early childhood development is in helping young children overcome the impact of their negative experiences.

In recognizing the need for its staff to have a deeper understanding of early childhood development, BTC is delivering Touchpoints professional development to Horizons staff.  Touchpoints is an evidence-based approach and training program for family-facing professionals that facilitates a strengths-based mindset to more effectively engage families, giving Horizons staff a toolkit of strategies, tactics, principles and perspectives that helps them engage families and support positive developmental outcomes.

Learn more about our partnership here!

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