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Touchpoints are periods in the first years of life, during which children’s spurts in development result in disruption in the family system. The succession of touchpoints in a child’s development is like a map that can be identified and anticipated. 

Thirteen touchpoints have been noted in the first three years, beginning in pregnancy, and centered on caregiving themes that matter to parents (e.g. feeding, discipline). 

A child’s negotiation of touchpoints can be a source of satisfaction and encouragement for the family system. 

Knowledge of these touchpoints and strategies for dealing with them can help reduce negative interactions that might otherwise throw the child’s development off course.

Professionals can use the Brazelton Touchpoints as a framework for each encounter with families during the first three years of a child’s life.  Hence the creation of the Brazelton Touchpoints Approach to family engagement, an evidence-based professional development program that assists family-facing professionals in engaging families more effectively through a strengths-based mindset, and to partner with them during the critical and challenging periods of child and family development. 

Together with Touchpoints, professionals and parents can discover themes that recur and strategies to negotiate upcoming challenges.

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