A Message from Every Child Matters Education Fund: Congress Takes Food from Mothers and Babies

A message from Michael Petit, President, Every Child Matters Education Fund:

Despite the high stakes, yet another day has gone by and Congress is still set to allow a series of automatic budget cuts starting on Friday that punishes millions of children. Congress continues to fail in its job to reach agreement on responsible deficit reduction.

These cuts, among many, will occur unless Congress acts:

  • Taking nutrition aid from 600,000 pregnant women and infants
  • Revoking rental housing assistance from 125,000 low income families
  • Booting 70,000 three and four year olds from the Head Start early education program
  • Denying child care assistance to 30,000 children
  • Ending services to 1,200,000 low income students in Kindergarten through 12th grade
  • Canceling treatment for mental illness for 373,000 adults and children

These cuts will cost Americans 700,000 jobs, placing greater strains on families. These cuts don’t have to happen. We need you to get involved right now. Call your member of Congress and tell them to stop these mindless cuts. These cuts are bad for children, bad for families, and bad for America. There is no economic and policy rationale for making them and they must be stopped.

Michael Petit, President, Every Child Matters Education Fund