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Whether you work in health, education, childcare, home visiting, family resource centers, libraries, social services or other settings serving babies, children and families, the Brazelton Touchpoints Center (BTC) has created and adapted trainings, workshops, short courses, and resources that you can explore with the support of a learning circle of peers and colleagues. BTC works across and connects these fields because it embraces a whole child, whole family, whole community approach to everyone’s learning, growth, development and well-being.

At BTC, we come alongside and learn with the infants, children, families, and communities that we have the honor of working with. We are dedicated to fostering a lasting community in which equity, diversity, inclusion, belonging, and access thrive. Many of BTC’s learning opportunities are specifically designed for the work you do, and others bring together direct service providers from every field and setting to share their visions for babies, children, and families. Together, we work to create a common language for collaboration and a seamless experience.


Visit our Professional Development page to learn more about the following trainings and workshops and more!

  • Touchpoints: The How of Child and Family Engagement
  • Touchpoints in the Context of Developmental Challenges
  • Touchpoints for Mental Health Clinicians
  • Act Early: Partnering with Families on Developmental Screening and Referrals
  • Beyond Trauma-Informed Care: A Developmental-Relational Framework for Engaging Adults and Children in Healing and Resilience
  • Building Culturally Responsive Relationships Right From Recruitment to Transition
  • Development is a Journey: A Conversation Roadmap for Talking with Families
  • Navigating Challenging Conversations: Why, What, and How
  • Strengths-Based Family Engagement Workshop Series
  • Supporting Everyone’s Mental Health Workshop Series
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Babies and children, families and communities do the research on what it takes for them to flourish. Listen with us to what they’ve been learning. Watch a webinar. Check out the Indigenous Early Learning Collaborative. Join the Brazelton Touchpoints Center Learning Network. Join the conversation.

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