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The initial diagnosis of a child’s developmental delay or disability is often truly traumatic for families. Some parents always knew, others may never have considered the possibility, and many have deeply held family and cultural beliefs about the nature and meaning of the challenge, the cause, and what to do about it — beliefs that may put them at odds with the professionals who are there to help. Often, the whole family may feel thrown off course when a child’s development takes an unexpected turn. As professionals ready to leverage the power of early development, families’ nonlinear process of taking stock, sense-making, and adapting can be disorienting for us too. Families may know their children best, but what can we do when we feel that what we know is crucial to the child’s development and well-being? 

And what do we say and how do we listen to families of color since we know that children of color may be over-, under-, or misdiagnosed, and last in line for scarce treatment resources?

Join us as we discover 

  • what children can tell us and their families with their behavior, 
  • how to share this process of meaning making with their families and our colleagues, 
  • how to help families face challenging realities while sustaining hope, and
  • how to preserve and strengthen our own well-being as we devote ourselves to the well-being of children with developmental delays or disabilities and their families.


Visit our Professional Development page to learn more about the following trainings and workshops and more!

  • Touchpoints in the Context of Developmental Challenges
  • Act Early: Partnering with Families on Developmental Screening and Referrals 
  • Development is a Journey: A Conversation Roadmap for Talking with Families


Development is a Journey Conversation Roadmap

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Babies and children, families and communities do the research on what it takes for them to flourish. Listen with us to what they’ve been learning. Watch a webinar. Check out the Indigenous Early Learning Collaborative. Join the Brazelton Touchpoints Center Learning Network. Join the conversation.

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