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El profesorado, el personal y los facilitadores nacionales del Brazelton Touchpoints Center representan un equipo multidisciplinar de agentes de cambio, educadores en desarrollo infantil temprano, psicólogos, pediatras, enfermeras pediátricas y otros expertos en desarrollo y comportamiento infantil temprano, formadores en desarrollo profesional, directores de proyectos, evaluadores de programas, estadísticos, profesionales de la participación comunitaria y mucho más. Del mismo modo, nuestras sedes de Touchpoints Training proceden de 33 estados y más de 100 comunidades, desde las urbanas hasta las rurales, y todo lo que hay entre ellas.

Maha Ali


Graduated in May 2023 from Syracuse University with a BA in Psychology and two minors in Marketing and Human Development and Family Sciences. She is interested in obtaining a PhD in Clinical Psychology in the future.


Throughout Maha’s undergraduate education, she has developed a dedication to creating positive change in young individuals’ lives by engaging in various roles and experiences. As a Research Assistant in the Child Health Lab, she contributed to ongoing studies and was able to mentor other RAs as a lead RA. She then had the opportunity to conduct an independent research study exploring the connections between anxiety, stress, race, and emotional eating in college-aged students, demonstrating her commitment to mental health research. Maha's interests were explored further as an Assistant Daycare Teacher where she gained valuable knowledge in early education and childcare. Additionally, her role as a Behavior Therapist allowed her to provide personalized interventions to individuals with ASD and related developmental disabilities. For over eight years, Maha also developed valuable skills in community outreach with children and families by volunteering in Muslim-based not-for-profit organizations during her summers in Houston, Texas. With her experiences and strong focus on children and families, pediatric psychology, and community engagement, she is looking forward to continuing this passion by making a meaningful impact on marginalized communities at the Brazelton Touchpoints Center.

Areas of Interest:

Mental health of children and families Trauma-informed care Child advocacy and education Pediatric and developmental psychology Community outreach and engagement

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