WEBINAR: Listening to Transgender Children, Transforming Ourselves

April 28, 2021 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Kayla Savelli

Returning for a third season of engaging dialogue, BTC’s Learning to Listen: Conversations for Change features luminaries across the family-facing fields exploring the current and emerging issues facing children and families today.

Each webinar is 1-hour long with an interactive Q&A session. Participants can register for the entire series or for individual webinars.

Registration is free and live Spanish language translation is offered at all conversations. 

Listening to Transgender Children, Transforming Ourselves

Debi Jackson describes herself as a military “brat” from Alabama, raised in an evangelical conservative family. She will join Dr. Sparrow in conversation about how she came to understand that her transgender daughter was a messenger who came to teach her to listen and to launch her on her life’s mission: to help us to listen to children’s messages that are hard to hear, that may call into question everything we were brought up to believe.

Debi Jackson is a nationally-known advocate for transgender rights. She is the mother of a transgender child and frequently travels to speak about trans kids. She was recently awarded the 2016 Role Model Award by the National Education Association’s GLBT Caucus. Through her advocacy, she works with esteemed organizations such as PFLAG, the Human Rights Campaign, Gender Odyssey, and The Trevor Project. Her involvement with these organizations, as well as her personal connection to several thousand transgender adults and families with transgender children has enhanced her knowledge and understanding of trans-inclusivity needs and solutions.