Family-to-Family Real Talk Series

Family-to-Family Real Talk Series 2022Premiering in 2022, Brazelton Touchpoints Center’s Family-to-Family Real Talk Series creates dialogue and connections that build community between and among affinity groups of parents, and open up safe spaces for honest conversations about challenges and opportunities that matter to their families today.

The Family-to-Family Real Talk Series will feature four distinct and free conversation series of six, one-hour episodes, driven by and for Black, LGBTQ+, and Latinx parents and families, and parents and families with children facing developmental challenges. Registration opens soon – stay tuned to your email and our website!

2022 Program Information

Parenting While Black
February – April 2022

Featuring Black parent leaders, advocates, innovators, academics, and entrepreneurs facilitating conversations and opportunities for reflection, sharing, inquiry, and engagement. Topics will include Parenting While Black in White Spaces; Birthing While Black – Birth Options, Doulas, and Midwives; Black Mental Health – Unmasking Depression in Black Men; and others.

Parents of Children with Developmental Challenges
March – May 2022

Diving in on the ups and downs of parenting children with developmental challenges by discussing caring and advocating for your child, their needs, and your own; emphasizing the strengths and resilience of your child and family; and sharing with others the special tenderness that comes with raising your child.

Gay Families and Parenting
April – June 2022

Providing space for exploring contemporary challenges and opportunities for same-sex parents, including helping children of same-sex parents navigate homophobia and stigma, countering representations of LGBTQ+ families and their impact on lived experiences, and gender and parenting roles and identities.

Latinx Parenting
September – November 2022

Exploring what it means to be a parent as part of the Latinx community, raising Latinx children while navigating U.S. mainstream cultures, and connecting Latinx cultural identities to physical and mental health.


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