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Pediatrics: In pediatrics, we’re busier than ever — with more children with behavioral, developmental, and emotional challenges, and more parents who are under-resourced, over-worked, and more stressed than ever. The social determinants of health make many of the families we work with more vulnerable — for example, to COVID and climate change — especially families of color. We live with the moral injury of knowing how social determinants need to change without the power to make change happen fast enough. Together with all this, the administrative and financial burdens of primary care can take the joy out of the work we love.

Pre- and perinatal health care: In pre- and perinatal health care, we face many similar challenges that can interfere with opportunities to foster infant-parent attachment and to prevent or mitigate maternal mental health morbidities that can begin before birth. The risks, of course, are greater with congenital or fetal developmental or health conditions, prematurity, and maternal substance use disorders and trauma histories. Yet there are unique opportunities for prevention and intervention that arise from the vulnerabilities of the pre- and perinatal time of life, from the emotional and neurohormonal experiences of pregnant and birthing people, and from their hunger for information, support, and a chance at a new and better start.

The Brazelton Touchpoints Center (BTC) is honored and privileged to build on the legacy of Dr. T. Berry Brazelton’s research and clinical practice, and his commitment to supporting his pediatric and perinatal colleagues and to bringing the joy back to our work. 

We encourage you to take a look at BTC’s training courses, and workshops where you’ll find strategies to help you through the communication and relationship challenges that you may face that can become opportunities for building trust, and strengthening relationships with families to share the care. BTC also has programs and resources for families that you can share with expectant parents, parents, and other caregivers.


Visit our Professional Development page to learn more about the following trainings and workshops and more!

  • Touchpoints: The How of Child and Family Engagement
  • Development is a Journey: A Conversation Roadmap for Talking with Families
  • Families in Recovery: Touchpoints in the Context of Substance Use Disorder
  • Navigating Challenging Conversations: Why, What, and How
  • Newborn Behavioral Observations System (NBO) Training Program
  • Newborn Behavioral Observations for Families in Substance Use Recovery
  • Beyond Trauma-Informed Care: A Developmental-Relational Framework for Engaging Adults and Children in Healing and Resilience
  • Supporting Everyone’s Mental Health Workshop Series
  • Strengths-Based Family Engagement Workshop Series


Family to Family Real Talk — Join the conversations about what it’s really like to raise a family in today’s challenging world. 


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Babies and children, families and communities do the research on what it takes for them to flourish. Listen with us to what they’ve been learning. Watch a webinar. Check out the Indigenous Early Learning Collaborative. Join the Brazelton Touchpoints Center Learning Network. Join the conversation.

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