Join us! Become a member of the Brazelton Learning Network

The Brazelton Learning Network Membership Program is intended to support and connect individuals committed to integrating Brazelton Touchpoints in their way of caring for families.

This annual program offers opportunities to:

  • Connect with peers who are learning and using Brazelton Touchpoints, Newborn Behavioral Observations (NBO) and Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale (NBAS)
  • Share best practices and deepen your understanding
  • Advance knowledge and practice in the child and family development fields

As a member of the Brazelton Learning Network, you will enjoy:

  • Professional association with a nationwide network of providers committed to delivering services that build upon child and family strengths
  • Special discounts on professional development opportunities, including the Brazelton Touchpoints National Forum, distance learning offerings and selected books/materials
  • Exclusive invitations to Touchpoints Network Chats and other opportunities to discuss topics of interest with your peers and national experts
  • Access to cutting edge research and opportunities to participate in knowledge development

Membership is available to:

  • Individuals who have received professional development services from the Brazelton Touchpoints Center, Brazelton Institute or Brazelton Touchpoints Trainers
  • Brazelton Touchpoints trainers
  • NBO/NBAS trainers

What is the annual membership fee?

  • $35 per calendar year.
  • All memberships are valid January – December

To enroll, please download the registration form on our website at