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June 25, 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Today, Friday, Juneteenth, 2020 commemorates the end of slavery. We need this day to be a national holiday. Not just to remember the end of slavery, but to remember slavery itself, and the ways that it lives on in the systemic racism that continues to exploit, harm and kill. This can be a day for examining where it is embedded in our institutions, workplaces, and neighborhoods, and in ourselves, and committing to ending it – wherever it lives.

That will mean remembering and recommitting every day.  We each need to find our part in taking racism down. For those of us who experience the privileges it produces, our roles will need to measure up. The signs say, “White Silence is Violence.” We can end racism. Not someday. Not later. But now, and every day.

Words are better than silence but they’re not enough. 


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