Learning to Listen Social Media Toolkit

Please use the following tools to help guide your social media activity for your Learning to Listen promotion, but please personalize and share your own stories, photos and experiences as well. This toolkit will be updated frequently, so check www.brazeltontouchpoints.org/listeningtoolkit often for new things to share!

Here’s How

  • Use images, videos and materials to help your message stand out. Be creative to get extra visibility.
  • Use the hashtags #LearningtoListen, #Listeningforchange, #BTC, and #Conversationsforchange so others can join in the conversation.
  • In addition to hashtags, be sure to tag Brazelton Touchpoints Center @brazeltontouchpointscenter on Facebook, and on LinkedIn @brazeltontouchpointscenter
  • Tag friends and colleagues that you think would be interested in attending or sharing with their networks.
  • Enjoyed the webinars? Post a review on Facebook encouraging other to attend the upcoming dates.
  • Use Brazelton Touchpoints Center logos and graphics.
  • Make sure to direct people to the event webpage: www.brazeltontouchpoints.org/listening

Social Media Toolkit Resources

Sample Social Media Posts

To share a social media post, copy and paste one of the pre-written promotional Learning to Listen posts onto your personal Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. To create a more engaging post download one of our digital assets below to post with the text.

Social Media Sample Posts


To share a graphic, click on the link to download the graphic and then post on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Combine graphics with one of the pre-written posts above to create a fully engaging post.

Spring 2020 Speakers Graphic (Share before June 3)

Spring 2020 Learning to Listen Graphic (Share before June 3)

Spring 2020 Learning to Listen Graphic 2 (Share before June 3)

March 4: Trauma and Recovery Graphic (Share before March 4)

April 15: Learning with Parents Graphic (Share before April 15) 

June 3: Marriage Equality and Same Sex Parenting (Share before June 3) 


To share a video, simply click on the arrow in the upper right corner of video. Videos can be shared on all social media platforms.

Share before Wednesday, June 3

Share before Wednesday, March 4

Share before Wednesday, April 15

Speaker Headshots

Ishmael Beah

Priscillia Kounkou Hoveyda

Elaine Hall

Yudi Bennett

Kris Perry


Banners can be added to your website to promote the Learning to Listen series.

Website Banner

Website Banner with Speakers

Brazelton Touchpoints Center Logos

BTC Logo Transparent Background

BTC Logo Horizontal Type

BTC Logo White Type

Newsletter Materials

Include the following graphic in your upcoming newsletter to promote the Learning to Listen Series. Simply click on the link to download the graphic.

Graphic with Speakers Headshots


Learning to Listen Archives

Fall 2019 Videos

Kyle Pruett Webcast (posted November 19, 2019)

Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot Podcast (posted October 30, 2019)

Sherry Turkle Webcast (posted September 25, 2019)

Sherry Turkle Highlight Video (posted September 11, 2019)

Learning to Listen Series Trailer (posted August 14, 2019)

Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot Trailer(posted October 16, 2019)

Spring 2019 Videos

The Earliest Conversations: How babies learn language with the people who love them – Kathryn Hirsh-Pasek, PhD (posted June 5, 2019)

Listen With More Than Our Ears: Helping children through simple, ordinary interactions – Junlei Li, PhD (posted May 21, 2019)

Learning to Listen to Fear: How to help young children heal from the unspeakable – Alicia Lieberman, PhD (posted April 18, 2019)


Contact Kayla Savelli at kayla.savelli@childrens.harvard.edu with any questions.