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More than 50 years ago, the foundational research for the fields of early relational health and infant mental health began booming — with the pioneering work of T. Berry Brazelton, Urie Bronfenbrenner, Lynn Murray, Dan Stern, Colwyn Trevarthan, and Ed Tronick, among others. They all were looking at infants and toddlers as they developed in systems — that is, in family and other relationships, communities, and cultures. They found no blueprint, instruction manual, or recipe for raising children or human development. Instead, they found capacities, contexts, and conditions that infants, toddlers, young children, and their adult caregivers shape and are shaped by, as they shape each other. 

Discover with us how you can enter into these systems — families, early childhood programs, and communities. Find out how you can use observation, shared discovery, and meaning making to 

  • understand each child’s and family’s cultures,
  • integrate developmental-relational processes into mental health practice,
  • promote infant, child, and family mental health, and 
  • get grownups on the same page when they disagree about how to help a child in distress.

Join us to learn about our strengths-based, destigmatizing, hope-filled, family-centered, whole community approach to working with infants and families living with substance use disorders, beginning in pregnancy, and through the first years.

Visit our Professional Development page to learn more about the following trainings and workshops and more!

  • Touchpoints for Mental Health Clinicians
  • Family Connections Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation
  • Families in Recovery: Touchpoints in the Context of Substance Use Disorder
  • Newborn Behavioral Observations System (NBO) Training Program
  • Newborn Behavior Observations for Families in Substance Use Recovery
  • Beyond Trauma-Informed Care: A Developmental-Relational Framework for Healing and Resilience
  • National Substance Use Disorder Summit
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Babies and children, families and communities do the research on what it takes for them to flourish. Listen with us to what they’ve been learning. Watch a webinar. Check out the Indigenous Early Learning Collaborative. Join the Brazelton Touchpoints Center Learning Network. Join the conversation.

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