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January 22, 2014

Announcement from the National Head Start Association:

Your support for Head Start and the National Head Start Association (HNSA) has led to Congress doing the right thing and restoring the Head Start/Early Head Start funding that was cut by sequester, and even investing in expanding quality services to the youngest and most under served children. Given the resources, the choices were tough and we are grateful that the future of the most vulnerable children was among the commitments that were kept.

Since March 2013, you have been hearing through the media (and from NHSA through our fact sheets) about the damage that sequester cuts caused to Head Start programs and the pain this inflicted on families, staff, and communities. We are encouraged that there was enough caring and commitment among decision makers to provide resources with which to begin to restore the massive cuts that led to reductions in days of instruction, transportation, family services, and to closed centers.

We realize this “recovery” might be a long journey. Since 2009, Head Start has experienced many changes with which it meets and exceeds the highest standards of early childhood education. The sequester cuts represented an unexpected and unfortunate setback to the capacity of our programs to soar along this trajectory.

Although the budget deal only mitigated the sequester for FY14 and FY15, we are hopeful that Congress will not resume destructive funding cuts in subsequent years.

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