Touchpoints Community Level Training

We offer the Touchpoints Community Level Training program for teams in communities that have made the commitment to become a Touchpoints site. Learn more about how to become a Touchpoints Site.

The Touchpoints Community Level Program is an intensive Touchpoints training offered to communities that want to bring Touchpoints to their family care system. A team of three or more providers from each community complete this training (online or in person) and one year of ongoing mentorship that includes monthly contact, a site visit, and a follow-up meeting. This team then delivers Touchpoints training to other professionals in their community in the Touchpoints approach, with the support of Brazelton Touchpoints Center faculty.

For existing Touchpoints sites, we offer additional training to add or replace existing Touchpoints team members.

Brazelton Touchpoints Center faculty and staff are available to help you consider bringing Touchpoints to your community. Please contact us at or 857-218-4451 to discuss your interest in using the Touchpoints approach to help you reach your goals for children and families.