Individual Level Training

The Brazelton Touchpoints Individual Level Training Program is professional development intensive designed for individual providers from all fields (health care, early care and education, early intervention, home visiting, social service) who want to incorporate elements of the Brazelton Touchpoints approach into their practice setting.

The Brazelton Touchpoints approach helps professionals engage around key points in the development of young children. By helping parents identify and expect bursts and regressions in child behavior (the Touchpoints) professionals can reduce parental frustration and self-doubt while fostering parenting skills and the parents enjoyment of their child. In the process, the bond between the provider and the family is strengthened.

Participants gain a solid understanding of all Touchpoints elements with the support of Brazelton Touchpoints Center faculty, regional site faculty, and practitioners who have been trained in the model. The Brazelton Touchpoints Individual Level Training Program is a prerequisite for the Brazelton Touchpoints Community Level Training program for teams in communities that have made the commitment to become a Touchpoints Site.


Participants will:

  • Understand the theories and concepts of the Brazelton Touchpoints approach, with emphasis on the developmental and relational elements of parent-child-provider relationships, and their practical applications;
  • Enhance their delivery of care to families by using relationship-building strategies and communication tools based on the Brazelton Touchpoints approach;
  • Observe and participate in encounters that demonstrate the Brazelton Touchpoints approach of collaborative anticipatory guidance.


The professional development intensive is offered at the Brazelton Touchpoints Center in Boston. Based on need and demand, this training may be scheduled in other parts of the country.

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The three-day offering is $1200/person and attendance is limited to 25 participants.

The two-day offering is $800/person and attendance is limited to 25 participants.


For more info, contact or 857-218-4451