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Topic: Evaluation 101: How to Understand What You Are Doing & How It Is Working

FREE for members; $25 for non-members.

General (members and nonmembers); Assumes participants have completed Touchpoints Training.

Evaluation 101 introduces participants to important elements of evaluation design. Participants will work with presenters to (1) determine the role of evaluation in programming, (2) unpack the basic steps of evaluation design, and (3) discuss participant questions about evaluation. This participatory session will also address ethical and resource considerations important in the evaluation design process.

Host/Trainer: Elisa Vele-Tabaddor, PhD & Monica Yudron, EdM
Format:  Webinar

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Topic: Scaffolding Parents to Support Their Child’s Emergent Literacy

Description:  The push for school readiness has many of us feeling pressured to find ways to get parents to talk to and read to their children.  Some of us work for programs which require us to “teach” parents how to do this. How do we effectively communicate with parents about promoting language development in their children?

Join us in this 3 part webinar series for a discussion around making the shift from “telling” parents to using Touchpoints strategies to scaffold parents’ efforts to support their child’s emergent literacy.

General (members and nonmembers); Assumes participants have completed TP Training

$75 for nonmembers; $50 for BLN members (must provide member number with registration)

Host/Trainer:  Claudia Quigg, MEd, founder and Executive Director of Baby TALK

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Topic: Understanding Children’s Development using the Touchpoints Developmental Framework

Description:  Have you ever wished you could get inside a child’s head and understand them better?   Do you see behaviors that intrigue or confuse you?  BrazeltonTouchpointsoffers a unique perspective on development and children’s behaviors in the early years of life.

Join us in this 3 part webinar series where we will explore this exciting period of growth and opportunity and learn how the Brazelton Touchpoints approach to development can support caregivers in understanding children’s behavior.

Pre-requisites: This series assumes completion of Touchpoints training.

Pricing: $75 for nonmembers; $50 for Brazelton Learning Network (BLN) members