Postdoctoral Research Fellow Co-Authors Paper on Social-Emotional Learning in Early Childhood Programs


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June 21, 2021

headshot of Dr. Christina Mondi-Rago
Dr. Christina Mondi-Rago

Dr. Christina Mondi-Rago, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Brazelton Touchpoints Center and a Clinical Fellow in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, has co-authored a new paper published by the International Journal of Child Care and Education Policy.

Titled “Fostering social-emotional learning through early childhood intervention,” the paper reviews the academic literature on socio-emotional learning (SEL) in three different types of early interventions: (a) public preschool programs; (b) multi-component early education programs (i.e., Head Start, Child-Parent Center program); and (c) skills-based SEL interventions (i.e., Incredible Years, Kindness Curriculum).

Dr. Mondi-Rago and her co-authors found that all three types of interventions can benefit young children’s socio-emotional skills (i.e., social awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making), which are strongly associated with lifelong learning, well-being, and mental health. They also identified important gaps in knowledge and practice about how to best measure SEL in ways that are developmentally and culturally appropriate. The findings have implications for future research, early childhood practice, and policy—especially since the three types of interventions that were reviewed have varying levels of evidence about cost-effectiveness and potential to be implemented at large scales.

Read the article here.

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