Guiding Questions

The Touchpoints Approach offers a powerful opportunity to make meaningful, positive change for children and families.  Making the commitment to become a Touchpoints site is the first step.  To help you make the decision to apply, we have created this guide to help coach you and your partners to identify the planning, resources, and support essential to a successful Touchpoints Program.

Guiding questions help you begin to articulate your community needs and your goals for bringing the Touchpoints Approach to your organization and community.  Questions help you plan to secure the support that you will need to deliver a Touchpoints Program effectively over time: committed partners, leadership engagement, financial and human resources.

Why do you want to become a Touchpoints site?

  • What need have you identified in your community (or department, organization, or system of care) that Touchpoints may address?  Your needs may be direct and/or indirect. What changes do you hope to see? What are the benefits for children and families, your organization, and your site partners?
  • How does Touchpoints fit with the mission of your organization(s)?

Who do you want to impact?

  • Who are the families in your community that you want to impact? How many?
  • Who are the providers working with these children and families that you need to train in order to bring about your desired outcomes for the families? How many?

Who will your site partners be?

  • Who else thinks that bringing Touchpoints to your community is a good idea?
  • Who are your potential site partners?  Who else is serving the same families as you?  (Partners may be inside a department in an organization, an entire organization, across multiple organizations, or within systems of care.)
  • What commitment will your site partners make? (Consider training, planning, funding, implementing, political support, employee release time, administrative support, etc.)

What leadership buy-in do you need?

  • What approval authority do you need to secure?
  • Do you have the support of your leadership?
  • Do your site partners have the support of their leadership?
  • How will you initially engage leadership and sustain that engagement?    

What human, financial and other resources do you need?

  • Who will coordinate Touchpoints activities and what resources will support that person’s time?
  • Will your Touchpoints team members have compensated time for planning, training, mentoring, team meetings and travel?
  • What financial resources do you need? Consider the investment in preparatory Touchpoints training and mentoring, trainers’ compensation, training materials and supplies, travel expenses, ongoing opportunities for professional development?  What release time will training participants need?
  • What will the sources of financial support be for your effort? (Consider training or quality improvement budgets, foundation or private grants, government funding, etc.)

What barriers do you expect to encounter as you bring Touchpoints to your community?

  • What can you do to mitigate these concerns?
  • What help will you need?