The BTC Learning Network is a national and international learning community of programs, organizations, systems of care, and individual practitioners actively using the Touchpoints Approach in their family engagement practice. The Learning Network boasts nearly 70 site members – and counting! – across the country and around the world, linking them through Touchpoints as a universal language for supporting family and child development!asa
Organizations join the BTC Learning Network to:
    • Develop capacity for strengths-based family engagement
    • Promote effective practices for supporting strong relationships between and among parents, children, and providers
    • Build understanding of children’s behavior and its role in family engagement
    • Engage in on-going professional development, mentoring, and coaching for skills development and practice improvement
    • Cultivate and sustain professional cultures of positive family engagement
    • Generate and disseminate new knowledge that advances collaboration and bridges theory to practice
Through the Learning Network, members gain:
    • Know-how to define and manage meaningful family engagement in a variety of contexts specific to the families in their community
    • Ways to identify factors that impact child behaviors and influence the development process
    • Skills that support impactful family engagement by providers
    • Strategies to support effective practice and continuous quality improvement of individual providers and organizations
    • And so much more!