Making the Commitment

Bringing Brazelton Touchpoints to your community requires an investment of leadership support and financial and in-kind resources for planning and professional development.

  • Identify one or more needs that will be met by integrating Touchpoints, a strength-based, relational approach to working with children families.
  • Engage key stakeholders
  • Make the commitment to bring the Touchpoints Approach to your community
  • Develop capacity and a plan to integrate the Touchpoints Approach in your community
  • Implement the plan and assess and communicate results.

At sites developing the capacity to integrate the Approach, individual providers learn to use the Touchpoints Approach in work with children and families (Touchpoints: The How of Child and Family Engagement). A leadership team is selected to learn and teach others to use the Touchpoints Approach (Community Level Training). Site partners create opportunities for providers to use the Approach in practice and to receive ongoing structured feedback (Reflective Practice and Supervision).

Once you have made the decision to apply, you may submit an application to develop a Touchpoints site to the Brazelton Touchpoints Center®.  Refer to the Touchpoints Site Application for more information.  Within 30 days of receipt, Brazelton Touchpoints Center® will contact you to discuss your application and goals for becoming a Touchpoints site.