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February 23, 2023

The Brazelton Touchpoints Center (BTC) collaborated with the Mount Sinai Parenting Center and ZERO TO THREE to create a series of videos that offer parents information on topics like sleep, safety, and development timed to coincide with each pediatric well visit. This series was designed to help families find early moments of connection and strengthen discussions with providers at each primary care visit.

Each video is paired to go with a routine child well visit. Parents are encouraged to watch these videos prior to their appointment or while they are waiting. Pediatric health care providers are encouraged to share these videos with parents and watch the videos themselves to brush up on anticipatory guidance and developmental milestones from birth to age 5. We hope these videos will spark new points of conversation and new moments of connection as parents and providers work as a team to care for the child.

Are you a parent? Text SPARKS to 1-844-650-1210 to receive the videos by text.

Are you a provider? Access resources to promote brain development and strengthen parent-child relationships within the confines of routine well-child visits.

Learn more about these videos here. View them in Spanish here.

3-5 Day Visit: Nice to Meet You
1 Month Visit: Small Moments, Big Connections
2 Month Visit: Getting to Know Your Baby
4 Month Visit: On A Roll
6 Month Visit: Everything is New
9 Month Visit: Increasing Independence
12 Month Visit: Stepping Into Toddlerhood
15 Month Visit: Fun & Frustrating
18 Month Visit: Curiosity & Persistence
2 Year Visit: All By Themselves
2.5 Year Visit: Out & About
3 Year Visit: Independence & Imagination
4 Year Visit: On Their Way
5 Year Visit: A Great Big World

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