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At the Brazelton Touchpoints Center, we believe you are the expert when it comes to your child. We also understand that parenting can be challenging. And building relationships with your child’s doctor, teachers, and other caregivers can be stressful. We can help.

For example, did you know that there are predictable periods during your child’s development during which your child will do something new, like start to walk, shortly after he stops doing something else he has been doing for months, such as sleeping through the night? Our founder, Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, called these periods Touchpoints.

Knowing more about your child’s development, about their Touchpoints, can help you prepare for these predictable back slides in behavior and for the exciting new steps that will follow.

Here are examples of specific Touchpoints your child may experience in her first year:

4 months – Your baby is learning to stretch sleep out to 8 hours by trying out ways to soothe herself back to sleep at every 3 to 4 hours, when her sleep becomes lighter and may wake her up.

8 months – Your baby may start awakening again during the night as his daytime crawling keeps him going and stranger awareness starts to worry him.

10 months – Your baby may be found standing up in her crib every 3 to 4 hours, crying for you as if she just can’t get herself back down.

12 months – Your baby may wake up every 3 to 4 hours with one thing on his mind – walking. Want to learn more about your child’s Touchpoints? Explore the Touchpoints books, visit here.

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